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- please stop sending me 'teach me to hack' messages. get a copy of a book called 'maximum security', and read it from cover to cover 5 times.

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Hacker News Network
FidNet Gets Funding
Softseek.com Distributes Trojan Horse
Global Jam Echelon Day Update
NSA Document Retrieval Capabilities
To Few Comp Crime Experts in FBI Says Vatis
The Truth About AntiOnline?
Software Liability

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[99.10.09] So [CoC] CNIC (www.cnic.net)
[99.10.09] So [wp] EBS Inc. (www.ebsinc.com)
[99.10.09] So [TREATY] China Material Technology Research Center (chimeb.edu.cn)
[99.10.09] NT [DHC] AlarmLink (www.alarmlink.com)
[99.10.09] NT [DHC] PC Support (www.pcsupport.com)






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type numbers in the form 555-123-123 (area code is required). partial numbers will return all listings starting with those numbers.

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leave off apartment or suite numbers. use standard postal abbreviations (st, rd, ave, n, s, nw, etc). to find all residents of a given street, leave the house number empty.

obtain satelite shot of place


intel panel    
26 Jan 2020:Zebulun 8
We are pleased to announce that the Zebulun 8 challenge is back online.

- By Mar. kombat

20 Oct 2019:Site Active Again
Anomaly fixed the login code, enjoy!

- By Mar. n3cro

13 Dec 2005:enjoy!
I hereby endorse this product and/or service. good work guys.

- By CinC. pengo

22 Nov 2005:Challenges
Challenges now work - Kernel (and probably General too, but untested).

- By Ker. anomaly

quote of the minute:

Localised Reception Seizure

mission (red division):

The recent mission was aborted by Marshal anomaly due to illegality. You should propose or vote on a new mission. Until then, visit the rain forest site and click to save a small piece of rainforst (its free).

(mission completed 48 times)
NB: red division has the primary task of prosecuting this mission. but any cyberarmy soldiers are free to complete this mission, and also vote on future missions.
Poll: "What do you like about ca-zeb.com?" (Gen. reeferman)
The challenges 1 or 8%
the Challenges 1 or 8%
reeferman 5 or 42%
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